Norwegian composer and musician Snorre creates music out of genres. Inspirations from classical, jazz and minimal music blend into a timeless sound. Although free from intellectual gravity, it reveals a complex depth and emotional profundity that leaves few people untouched.

His debut album Imaginary Places, published on Berlin-based label Post-Edit Recordings in 2020, is a collection of pieces for solo piano. It's style fits into the contemporary european wave of neoclassical music, represented by artists like Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm og Yann Tiersen. The genre is known to picture musical moods and is often supported by minimalistic repetitions.  Moreover, Snorre's compositions are characterized by strong melody lines and a subtle touch of jazz harmonies.

Snorre war born 1976 in Nesodden, Norway and lives in Berlin, Germany.

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